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[MOD] Layout Contest + Tags + more mods?

I only got 2 replies from people still somewhat around, but hopefully this post will get a lil more attention here~

  • Try to keep the image at least semi-worksafe, that's all I ask x_x

  • MUST have a sidebar. I plan on making lots of tags for you guys to have fun with:P

  • just about everything else is free for all. have fun.

Deadline: August 30th

This gives you plenty of time to work on a layout~ If you're not comfy working with layout coding, submitting a header image will work just as well.

Dimensions (IF you are just making a header)
width: 750px
height: 347px


Please let me know of any tag requests~ I wanna get the comm organized a lil here~


Anyone else out there interested in helping me bring the comm back to life?

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Hi, folks. New journal, old denizen. I was wondering about this, and lo and behold, [someone has made a Xenosaga Kink Meme] !

If you're unfamiliar with the trend: you can anonymously asks for a short piece pairing, say, x/x with y kink. If you are so inspired, you can reply with something about x/x with y kink. Much love and/or pr0n is shared, everyone is amused. And, uh, obviously, crack is had, seeing as how the current local epic seems to be The Kool-Aid Man/Jr.

Just passing the word, mods, lemme know if this isn't kosher.
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Worth repeating for the sake of visibility, we hope?

Hallo again, folks! Until our dear mod gets back, we may have to do what we can ourselves. I would ask that if you have posted something here on Xenoqueers in the past, go through the community's archives, find the posts, and hit the little blue pencil icon to edit their visibility to Friends-Only.

Thanks again, everyone.


Hello guys... Is still some life here? I certainly hope so... because I need brave players for an RP we'll be launching soon.

It's a multifandom alternate universe (sci-fi setting), including FFVI-FFXI, all Kingdom Hearts games AND XENOGEARS. Our poor, underappriciated fandom! A few chars are taken or on hold, but don't be afraid to claim the rest! I'd like to see a Fei, a Bart, Citan, Jesse and Ramsus, not to speak about Ellie.

The game will be most probably mature-themed, including the usual stuff and, certainly, smut. We're both yaoi, yuri AND Het friendly, so there's enough for everybody.

If I managed to pique your interests, please check out the 3citiesrp userinfo. If you have a question, use the FAQ, or IM me at ladyokami.

Hope to see you soon!
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A brief advert on behalf of sporflefruit!

Ladies and gentlemen(?)!

I would like to take this moment to pimp out a lovely, lovely RP comm called squenix_uni. As one might guess, it's a college-set AU that encompasses any and all things SquareEnix (and Xenosaga by extension, of course). Yaoi, yuri, and het are all welcome, and we've still got a ton of characters to fill, so come on down! Seriously! <3

All the information you need is in the user profile of the comm, so go for it. You want to. You know it. :B

Once more for good measure! squenix_uni. Cliiiick iiiit.

We need a Jr. and a Gaignun very very badly... ;o
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Hi, everyone...I just joined. I'm Ket Makura...uhm, please just call me Ket. I'm a big fan of Xenogears. I haven't gotten to play Xenosaga yet, but I plan on it.

Sorry...I babble when I'm nervous, and I'm nervous when I meet new people.
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